It has always been the desire of the Redeemed Christian Church of God to make input into university education in Nigeria, having been convinced of the great role university education can play in the social and technological development of a nation. This dream could not come true because of the existence of Decree No. 19 of 1984, which proscribed and banned the establishment and operation of private universities. The opportunity was however made available by the Federal Government, when Decree No. 9 of 1993 was promulgated allowing private individuals or organizations to establish universities in Nigeria, provided they meet certain criteria laid down by the Federal Government through the National Universities Commission.

In order to realize its dream, the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the Proprietors of the University, initially acquired a large expanse of land in Ede Local Government Area of Osun State, having obtained the Certificate of Statutory Right of Occupancy in 1997. The site of the university covers an area of about 812 hectares. However, during an assessment visit of facilities for the take-off of the University, the National Universities Commission (NUC) advised the acquisition of a parcel of land within the vicinity of the take-off campus as the permanent site. Therefore the university, through the proprietor acquired about 500 hectares of land close to the take-off campus situated between Ibafo and Asese junction in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State on the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.

The Proprietors of the Redeemer’s University have followed with keen interest the development of university education in Nigeria and are poised not only to provide additional places, but, also to considerably improve upon the existing standard of delivery. In particular, it has been observed that a high percentage of eligible candidates cannot secure admissions to the various programmes in the universities due to limited availability of places. The situation is expected to worsen with increasing number of candidates seeking admissions to tertiary educational institutions in the coming years. The present proposal to establish the Redeemer’s University is therefore a noble effort towards producing the requisite high level manpower required for the development of the nation.

The university intends to produce graduates who can stand on their own and adapt to the ever changing situations in our dynamic society. In particular, the university will nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship so that its graduates would be in position to create jobs rather than relying on employment, which is now indeed scarce.

In summary, the university will concern itself with the quantity as well as quality of its graduates. To this end, the university will adopt a phased development of its programmes in major disciplines with their curricula designed to meet the above stated objectives, while satisfying the requirements of NUC and professional bodies for accreditation.

Motto and Logo

The motto of the Redeemer’s University is “RUNNING WITH A VISION”. The Vision of the University is to be the foremost institution for producing graduates who combine academic excellence in the practice of their profession with God-fearing attributes. The proprietors are committed to the realisation of this dream.

The Logo of the University is a dove and an open book. The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit shining the light of knowledge on students of the University from all over the nations of the world.

The colours of the University are Blue, White, Green and Gold. The Blue represents the love of God which is shed abroad in our hearts and which binds all cadres of the University together irrespective of Colour, Class or Creed. The White represents Holiness and Purity of thought and word and deed – essential ingredients of the Peace that will exist at all times in the University. The Green signifies Power, Fruitfulness and Progress. The Gold – the colour of light and knowledge: since knowledge gives power, the University exists to empower students to be fruitful in every facet of life and in making progress to take the Nation to greater heights.

The University’s acronym – RUN – is derived from its name, Redeemer’s University, by combining the letter R in (R)EDEEMER’S with letters UN in (UN)IVERSITY.