Health and Social Care Management

Health and Social Care Management (AWARD Level 4 – Level 7 – UK AWARDING BODY: ATHE)


Change is a distinctive characteristic of the Healthcare Sector and it is the strategic managers who should be the first to respond to, and support positive transformation.

ATHE Health and Social Care Management Qualifications were designed for managers in various types of organisations including hospitals and care homes in both the public and private sector.

Whilst the core competencies were drawn from the British healthcare system it has also been carefully considered that many managers may wish to use these qualifications abroad and so international aspects of healthcare policy and practice have also been included.

ATHE encourages centres to combine the study of ATHE qualifications with a work placement relevant to the unit the learners are studying.

Delivering From:
  • Identify, adapt and use appropriate cognitive and practical skills to inform actions and address problems that are complex and nonroutine while normally fairly well-defined.
  • Review the effectiveness and appropriateness of methods, actions and results.
  • Use specialised skills to conceptualise and address problematic situations that involve many interacting factors.
  • Determine and use appropriate methodologies and approaches
  • Design and undertake research, development or strategic activities to inform or produce change in the area of work or study.
  • Critically evaluate actions, methods and results and their shortand long-term implications.

By completing this qualification, learners will gain skills that enable them to work alongside other health and social care professionals to achieve organisational objectives.

The ATHE level 5 Extended Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care is a 120 credit qualification on the Qualifications and Credit Framework making it the equivalent size and level of the second year of a degree.