Business and Strategic Management

Business & Strategic Management (AWARD Level 4 – Level 7) – UK AWARDING BODY: The Association for Tourism in Higher Education (ATHE)

The Association for Tourism in Higher Education is the subject association for tourism in higher education in the UK. Its objectives include promoting the development and recognition of tourism as a subject of study in the UK at foundation degree, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels, and encouraging high standards in learning, teaching and research.

Areas of knowledge are:
  • The Meaning and Nature of Tourism Definitions, social and other conditions and determinants of tourism, and tourism motivations
  • The Structure of the Industry Description and interrelationship of the main component sectors and their operating characteristics
  • The Dimensions of Tourism and Issues of Measurement Scope, geographical knowledge and perspectives, patterns and determinants of demand, natural and other resources for tourism. Sources of data and the management of information
  • The Significance and Impact of Tourism Economics of tourism, costs and benefits. Assessing economic, social and environmental impacts
  • The Marketing of Tourism General marketing theory and its particular application to tourism, consumer behaviour
  • Tourism Planning and Development Destination and site planning. Financial implications. Partnership issues and sustainable tourism
  • Policy and Management in Tourism Public sector policy. Organisations in tourism and visitor management issues.