Admission Criterias

Admission Information
This policy applies to all admissions to Christ the Redeemer College (CRC). It relates to entry in the academic year 2015-16 and is reviewed annually. The college operates a fair and consistent process for admissions to ensure that applicants who have the potential for success on their chosen programme are accepted for study. This policy seeks to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and provided with adequate support throughout the admissions process. It also facilitates sound decision making by admissions staff. This policy seeks to meet the requirements of awarding bodies, UKBA and SLC.
Student Recruitment and Admissions Service
Recruitment and Admissions to the College are overseen by the Admissions Committee which recommends entry requirements, makes admissions offers and admits students to all the programmes. Students applying for courses must meet the criteria laid down by the awarding body for their programme.
CRC provides pre-entry advice, information and services to prospective students, their parents, careers advisers and teachers. Admissions are managed by the Registrar and the Vice-Principal who carry responsibility for holding applicant visits, assessing application forms, taking up references, assessing the application on academic grounds, interviewing UK applicants and making recommendations for admission and subsequent offers. For some programmes applications can be submitted at any time as entry is not always restricted to the start of the new academic year.

Information for Admission
The College provides comprehensive, accurate, user-friendly and accessible information and advice to applicants and other stakeholders in the admissions process. This is to enable an informed choice of programme(s) to be made appropriate to their needs, interests and academic qualifications and potential. Detailed information on entrance qualifications, asking grades and associated admissions procedures for individual undergraduate programme in the field of Theology and related business courses is provided.
The main sources of information are as follows:

College printed prospectus for all programmes
Online prospectus
College brochures and leaflets
College website

Admission Procedure
CRC offers its qualifications through its agreements, accreditations and validations with awarding bodies and therefore has a responsibility to ensure that the admissions criteria meet the requirements of those bodies. In addition, where applicable the requirements of UKBA (for overseas students) and SLC (for students seeking loans) must also be met.
All programmes are taught in English and therefore applicants must be competent in both spoken and written English. CRC may use internal assessments to further confirm an applicant’s ability in these.

All applicants must provide the following:
A completed copy of the application form
Two reference letters
Test of English result – Cambridge English level B2 or equivalent.
Copies of credentials
Copy of National Passport Data Page and the Front Cover
£100.00 application fees
International applicants must also provide the following:
English Proficiency Test Certificate (IELTS) minimum score of 6 overall (each individual element needs to score 5.5) or an equivalent English language proficiency report from TOEFL or Pearson. Applicants whose first degree was studied and assessed substantially in English may be exempted from the above requirement if they are able to produce a statement of comparability from UK NARIC.
Proof of ability to pay the fees for the course
Proof of ability to support themselves
Any other documentation that may be required by UKBA
Applicants wishing to apply for student loans
Any other documentation that may be required by the Student Loan Company
Application Fees
All applicants are charged a non-refundable fixed application fee of £100
Evidence of ability to complete the Programme
Students need to provide evidence, with their application, of their ability to undertake a course at Christ the Redeemer College. Possible sources of evidence include: A degree, diploma and other professional programme and the relevant transcripts that would accompany an academic qualification taken at any educational facility. A levels, GCSEs, WAEC or their equivalent should include evidence of subjects taken and grades given in the form of an examination result document or transcript. Other academic documents such as undergraduate certificates, professional certificates of the previous study done here in UK or abroad.
Mature Entrants
Applicants who do not otherwise satisfy the General Entrance Requirement especially if they are UK citizens/ EAA members and do not require a visa, application could be considered for admission if they can provide satisfactory evidence of their ability to pursue successfully the programme of study for which they are applying.
On receipt of the above documents, the college will review the documents and will arrange an interview for prospective students. Interviews consist of verbal questions and also a written test.
Provisional Offer of Admission
After the interview the College will normally contact students within a few days to inform them if they have been given an offer of admission to study at Christ the Redeemer College. This notification will include the official letter of provisional admission which contains students contact details, course of study, academic calendars and the financial expectation that needs to be met. Applicants cleared for admission are sent a letter offering them a place which includes information on registration.
Unconditional Offer of Admission
Prospective students can only receive an unconditional offer of admission if they have accepted the provisional offer and they have appended their signatures on the second page of the provisional letter for admission. Once they have signed the acceptance offer and they have paid the first academic tuition fees as stated in the conditional letter of admission.
Overseas Applicants
Applicants from overseas must send their latest bank statement reflecting that they have adequate maintenance for 9 months i.e. £7,200.00 plus the balance of their tuition fees in their local currency. Further documents will then be given. International applicants that have been accepted unconditionally to study at CRC will require confirmation of acceptance of study (CAS) to be able to apply for a student visa to study in the UK. The college is currently not recruiting from overseas.
Fraudulent Information Used to Gain Admission
The discovery of any form of fraudulent information used to gain entry to the college will normally result in the immediate withdrawal of any offer of a place. Fraudulent information in this context includes the use of fraudulent documentation, or any untrue or misleading statement or one which omits pertinent facts (e.g. an unspent criminal conviction) on an application or enrolment form or made at interview or made over the telephone. Where the applicant has already enrolled as a student of the College, the management may declare the enrolment void, in which case the student must withdraw from the College. There will be no refund of fees. Any credit already passed, or qualification granted, may or may not be retained by the former student, in accordance with the seriousness of the deception and the view of any Professional Body involved.
Credit Transfer and Accreditation of Prior Learning
See Separate policy For European students, credits for all three years of College undergraduate courses are transferable and each is equivalent to a year’s study in any EU country. Apply Here